MG Kampfer Desolator

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MG Kampfer Desolator
Model ByPawces
Oggi vi posto questo lavoro che ho trovato molto bello e particolare, il modello è MG Kampfer un modello che mi piace moltissimo perchè permette un mare di modifiche.
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After over 3 months of mutilating plastic and inhaling cement and paint vapors, I am proud to present to you – the Kampfer Desolator!
Project Name    – Kampfer Desolator
Kit        – MG Kampfer 30th Anniversary edition
Build period    – July 2012 to September 2012

– panel scribing and pla plates
        – drilling for rivets etc.
        – opened up armor for metal parts, mesh
        – LED mono-eye
        – 10 glass fuse “canisters” with green gel and LED 
        – 5 concealed 3v batteries to power LEDs
        – metal cables, IC pins, pin heads, thrusters
        – custom thrusters from Guntank wheels and ointment caps
        – custom backpack and shoulder armors from extra clear parts
        – custom weapon (HALO gun, h-arms custom gatling guns, armor parts, canisters)
        – dio made of floppy drive metal casings, pla plate, runners
        – desolator team made from modded and painted Mage Knight miniatures
        – waterslide decals

– Tamiya clear green
        – Tamiya clear yellow 
        – Mr. Hobby steel 
        – Mr. Hobby gloss white
        – Mr. Hobby flat grey
        – Mr. Hobby gloss yellow
        – Mr. Hobby flat red
        – Tamiya weathering kit
        – Tamiya flat base
        – Jhonson’s Wipe N’ Shine (Future) topcoat

This project was such a great learning experience for me. As a relatively new gunpla enthusiast I gained valuable experience, particularly in airbrushing and working with different types of plastic. It may not seem much, but the modifications I attempted here have given me the confidence to take on more extreme projects in the future. I might even try my hand at a full scratch build someday! I’m just glad that I was able to come up with a nice concept and stick to it until the end, despite the many mishaps I encountered. I’ll be taking a week off of gunpla to recharge my batteries, but you can be sure i’ll be back with an even bigger project – so keep an eye out for new posts!