1/100 Elyn Hobby Kshatriya

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Directly from the site in response to some comments from our fans, we have made some improvement in the proportion of the legs and the funnel-wings. The legs has elongated and re-sized almost 14% to support the super-strong upper body. The length of the wings have also been increased by 10mm once for all. The head height has been conditioned to 223mm, strictly in accordance with the original spec., comparable to the 226mm of the Sinanju. The kit will no longer be looked weaker than the MG Sinanju. The engineering files have been output to molding construction. Moreover, as the net weight of the kit will be over 1.2 kgs (after complete installation with the LED and LiPo battery, and the photo-etches ) the kit has been enriched with a standby transparent model parts which is compatible to the New-G clear model stand, which can well support a max. weight of 1.5 kgs.